“I couldn’t sing Bosh Fitness’s praises higher. As a team they are supportive, encouraging and manage to push you without you even realising.

I particularly enjoy Becki’s classes. With what seems so little, she challenges you to work your core in a way that chimes with your every day life, building you up for a future of stability and strength which is so inspiring. She accompanies you along your journey with patience, gently helping you to improve.

After each class I feel that much stronger and in tune with my body. If you like stealthy work that puts the foundations down for a healthier you, working with Becki is a must!”

Anna (London, March 2023)

“I really recommend Vicki’s 1-1 technical session, especially if you have never used kettlebells before, or if you have any anxieties about taking part in the group sessions from home.

I was a bit worried that I might hurt myself, having had a back problem in the past & strained knees last year, but Vicki’s support & encouragement were an enormous help. She went through very basic steps looking closely at my posture. Her attention to detail meant I knew I was standing correctly & moving safely from one position to another. She was able to focus on the aspects of the exercises I was worried about, making sure I wasn’t straining my knees & keeping my spine in the right positions.

It was a great morale boost as she was very positive and encouraging. I felt confident I’d fit into the workshop & be good enough to keep pace with everyone else safely.

Vicki’s introductory group workshop really helped me with the basic kettlebell moves. I’d been thinking of joining her Kettle STRONG class but felt a little nervous & intimidated as I’ve never done kettlebell exercises before. There was time in the workshop for Vicki to demonstrate & explain the moves & swings, and then to watch closely while we practised each exercise. Hearing Vicki advise & correct other group members helped me to pay attention to details of my own posture & moves. It was interesting to see the same members of the group each week, starting together with a new challenge.

I moved to my first Kettle STRONG this week and loved it. There’s no pressure or embarrassment about which weight to use, so it’s easy to choose the one that suits you; Vicki often gives alternative exercises so you can choose the one to suit your level of strength or energy!”

Vera (Manchester, March 2023)

“Having no experience in using personal trainers or any clear desire to, I was not sure what to expect or gain from working with Vicki but one thing I knew for sure was that she would, without a doubt, make sure that I benefited from it! 

My goal from the very beginning was to advance my fitness.  To be able to sustain endurance to a high level so I felt prepared for ultra marathons and taking on the biggest challenge of my life, without worrying about getting injured. I knew this would take strength, cardio and flexibility training.  More importantly, Vicki knew and she put together a program for me that pushed my abilities but also celebrated them. Vicki’s attention to detail and analysis of capabilities is phenomenal. The proof of this is in my results. If you are looking for a personal trainer who genuinely cares about individuals and takes the time to adapt her knowledge to benefit them both mentally and physically, then she is the right trainer for you. 

I think it’s important to connect to people who train you and people who you train. Life feels so hectic, especially when you are responsible for others. If you’re going to find time to do something for you, I think it has to be of great value. Vicki’s approach to personal training relies on this way of thinking and that’s why I’m so grateful for getting the chance to train with her.

Personally, I do not enjoy general training or routines that do not inspire me and push me physically and mentally.  Vicki’s mindset is that a client should be challenged but should more importantly be heard. People’s time is sacred and I think Vicki treats every client with that in mind. There’s a genuine care in her approach that I think everyone would appreciate and thrive off”

David (London, November 2022)

“Two AMAZING women! I can’t recommend them enough. They offer excellent classes, are fantastic trainers, and are just LOVELY, LOVELY people. I am so fortunate to be able to attend their classes and be part of the BOSH community. Thanks so much for all that you have done, and continue to do.”

Kitty (London, October 2022)

I never thought of myself as someone that would be interested in working with weights – let alone kettlebells. I have always been scared of doing something wrong whilst training with them, doing more harm that good. Only through Vicki’s classes have I discovered the joy of exhausting my body with kettlebells and have managed to shake off my fear to train with them. In her classes I always feel in good hands, secure. Not only is she actively participating in them (making it easy to follow the different exercises) she also manages to pay incredible attention to the participants at the same time, pointing out wrong execution immediately.

Without a doubt: her workout sessions are very challenging but they are also the most fun and rewarding, both, mentally and physically. She always makes her classes feel so encouraging, welcoming and warm. Everyone at any point can join (newbie or old-timer). There is no judgement about the state of your physical fitness and condition and not once did I feel self-conscious.

She always makes sure to respect what your body can handle on any given day and offers modification whilst still making sure to challenge you.

In addition she regularly mixes the sessions up, making sure that there is always some unpredictability incorporated into the workout regime.

Since starting my kettlebell journey with Vicki I have become stronger and fitter, my whole posture has changed, but beyond that I have become the most confident in my body I have ever been.”

Vivien (Hamburg, August 2021)

“I’ve been training with Vicki for coming up to a year now and I am completely addicted. The classes are challenging, motivating and just brilliant fun. Also, out of the classes I feel stronger, my posture has improved and I feel generally more motivated. I’m pretty sure that all that work on coordination in class is going to improve my dance moves too… when lockdown finally ends and we can throw some shapes! 🙃I couldn’t recommend BOSH more. Thanks ladies x”

Emily (Worthing, February 2021)

“I started training with Vicki in March 2020 as a way to keep some kind of routine in all the chaos that the pandemic caused. I didn’t realise at that point what a vital part of my life, training would become. Vicki has given me the support and confidence to take the training seriously, something I couldn’t have imagined before 2020. She is patient, caring and unbelievably enthusiastic. Through injury and from generally being quite unfit, I have found myself stronger and more resilient than I ever have been, both physically and mentally. I couldn’t recommend BOSH Fitness enough. Without a doubt I would have found the pandemic situation a great deal harder without the regular sessions and satisfying body-ache. Who would have thought that kettlebells were my thing…”

Amy (Leeds, January 2021)

“Vicki makes workouts fun, inspiring and accessible to all levels. She encourages great technique and pushing yourself whilst working around each individuals personal needs in a wholesome atmosphere. It’s truly eye opening what you can achieve with just your bodyweight and a set of dumbbells. There’s a variety of classes and a great community, so you’re in good company on your fitness journey!”

Tarek (Liverpool, January 2020)

“I have been training with Vicki over the past 9 months and have never felt fitter in my life! BOSH offers a variety of brilliant strength training classes catered to different levels as well as one to one sessions which are, fun, motivating and entirely unintimidating. Vicki is a brilliant mentor – I cannot recommend BOSH highly enough!”

Louise (London, December 2020)

“I started following Vicki’s training sessions when I was still in London back in April 2020, at the beginning of the first lockdown. Since then exercising with her has been for me one of the determining factor for remaining sane and feeling less lonely and hopeless during the most difficult periods of this very strange year. With just a yoga mat and a pair of dumbbells you can almost magically improve your mood, your health and your strength, while at the same time having fun and feeling part of something bigger: a community. What are you waiting for?”

Rosalba (Milan, December 2020)

“My strength training journey with Vicki has been absolutely fantastic!!! As someone who only ever went to the gym to use the treadmill I never felt confident enough to start strength training and now I can’t imagine my life without it. Vicki tailors each session to your specific goals and is fantastic at motivating and challenging you to try new things. Through sheer enthusiasm she has taught me to not just look forward but to actually ENJOY planks, squats and lunges which before starting this I would have said was borderline impossible.

I am so unbelievably pleased with my progression over the last few months and feel stronger and more confident every week. The exercise community that Vicki has created has been incredibly supportive throughout a very difficult year and is a lovely group of people to join a group class with!”

Sinead (London, December 2020)

“Lockdown was so hard mentally so I was keeping myself sane through exercise, plus it was the only way we were allowed outside! so I started running then quickly damaged my ankle.

I had no idea what to do but Vicki said if I could get hold of some weights she would start training me! I had no confidence with strength training and although I loved going to weights classes at the gym I was alway too nervous to go into the weights areas and use them by myself. I am now in love with strength training and have 5 kettlebells, 2 pairs of dumbbells at home and am always eyeing up more!

Vicki had an amazing way of motivating you and explaining stuff so it’s really easy to understand. So I now exercise with the group classes but also alone with ease. I would highly recommend Bosh fitness for anyone who wants to love exercising again! (Or for the first time)”

Ruth (London, December 2020)

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