Technique-al sessions

Technique support sessions for those who feel would benefit from some dedicated one-to-one time to work through specific exercises and technique, whether you are a new or seasoned BOSHer. The sessions also help to identify any modifications that individuals may need to implement when joining the group classes.

We are big believers that form is vital to get the most out of the exercises as well as reduce the risk of injury. 

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“I really recommend Vicki’s 1-1 technical session, especially if you have never used kettlebells before, or if you have any anxieties about taking part in the group sessions from home.

I was a bit worried that I might hurt myself, having had a back problem in the past & strained knees last year, but Vicki’s support & encouragement were an enormous help. She went through very basic steps looking closely at my posture. Her attention to detail meant I knew I was standing correctly & moving safely from one position to another. She was able to focus on the aspects of the exercises I was worried about, making sure I wasn’t straining my knees & keeping my spine in the right positions.

It was a great morale boost as she was very positive and encouraging. I felt confident I’d fit into the workshop & be good enough to keep pace with everyone else safely.”

Vera C

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