Classes + Equipment

We deliver a mixture of 45, 55 and 75 minute classes, £5 each:-
Kettle FLOW
Continuous dynamic cardio with a light kettlebell
Kettle STRONG Get stronger with medium to heavy kettlebells
Body BALANCE Flexibility and mobility bodyweight only class
YIN Yoga Restorative 75 minute class that targets your connective tissues

And a FREE 45 minute class to support our community and to make strength training accessible:-
ReConnect Stronger together in the BOSH community class!

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Flexibility and mobility
Think glute bridges, isometric squats, single-leg work, plank variations and stretches all in conjunction with good breathing techniques.

No equipment required. Modifications are provided to suit all levels and to let you choose the intensity that suits you on the day.


Stability and core
Think around the world sumo squats, lunges, tricep kick backs, push ups, side planks.

Weights are compulsory. This class has been designed for small and medium dumbbells, good starting weights are 2.5kg and 5kg dumbbells but you can go lighter or heavier depending on your own individual requirements.


Feel the force
Think kettlebell rows, clean and press, deadlifts, front loaded squats with the odd kettlebell complex thrown in!

A kettlebell is compulsory. You can just use one kettlebell but we’d recommend a pair to make it more fun (especially in the Monday evening class). Many of our BOSHers have a range of weights, we’f normally recommend increments of 4kg…e.g. a good starting collection might be 1x 6kg and 2x 10kgs, 1x 8kg and 2x 12kgs, or 1x 10kg and 2x 14kgs.

Kettle FLOW

Continuous dynamic cardio
Think lunges with swings, halos with squats, slingshot with diagonal press!

A kettlebell is compulsory. You only need one kettlebell. 6kg is a good starting weight, but you are welcome to go lighter or heavier.

Intermediate Class – in this face paced class, you will need to be comfortable with a kettlebell and know the difference between a deadlift and squat.

YIN Yoga

Target connective tissues
Holding poses and stretches for longer to promote better range of motion and healthier joints. Think hip openers, back bends, lateral flexions. Challenge yourself to be still.

Props are optional but highly recommended to help provide added support in poses. A bolster, two bricks, a blanket and a mat are a priority. A yoga block and a belt are used occasionally.

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