BOSH! Stronger Together!

Exercising together wherever you are, BOSH Fitness brings you online dynamic strength training and restorative classes to make you stronger, fitter and happier.

We are passionate about wellbeing. BOSH Fitness was established by two sisters, Becki and Vicki, who wanted to help their community in the challenging times of COVID-19.

Becki is an ex-professional tennis player who at her peak was no.12 in the UK Women’s ranking and no.550 in the Singles World ranking. She has had an extensive history within the sporting industry and years on she sees how that gruelling training regime, her relentless competitiveness and now countless hours sitting in front of a computer has had a major impact on her body and mind. More recently, Becki has seen the exceptional benefits of building strength from within; both physically and mentally. She offers weekly restorative and strength classes; YIN yoga and Body BALANCE.

Vicki was a Senior Tutor at the Royal college of Art when she started delivering strength training to support the wellbeing of her community during the challenges of the pandemic. With her own personal experience of poor fitness and health, she empathises with individuals on the many barriers that they face in getting fitter and healthier. In her early 30s she decided that she needed to make changes and started running, this progressed to triathlons, and in her late thirties she began her strength training journey! She is a huge fan of kettlebell training and currently delivers weekly kettlebell and dumbbell classes; Kettle STRONG, Kettle FLOW and ReConnect.

BOSH Fundraisers

If you do would like to share the community love, please donate to our current fundraiser…

BOSH Fundraiser to Support the Trussell Trust food banks

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